Ultimate Ecommerce Website Design Package

Ultimate Ecommerce Website Design Package

This Ultimate Ecommerce Package includes all of the Standard and Advanced Ecommerce Packages PLUS a Product Bulk Upload Plugin and Affiliate Program.

Product Bulk Upload

With the product bulk upload plugin, you can install thousands of products to your online store complete with photos, product description, title and pricing options with a push of a button. Upload tens, hundreds or even thousands of products at a push of a button with our Product Bulk Upload Program. Fill up your online store with hundreds of products from various manufacturers and distributors. Don't waste time entering them one-by-one!

Affiliate Program

As you gather new buyers and customers, prequalify a select few or have all of them become online affiliates. Track, monitor and reward your affiliates for every sale their online traffic generates. As you get online orders, you will be able to confirm which affiliate (if any) referred you the sale. Print your affiliate report every month and mail out the checks. These are just some of the ways to utilize these features.

The best way is to have your customers join your affiliate program so they can track and monitor their referrals and even track how much they have earned through their affiliate control panel. Offer an affiliate link to each of your customers so they can share it with friends and families and earn a reward while doing it. It's a great way to earn extra money for sitting in front of your computer.

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