Standard Ecommerce Website Package

Standard Ecommerce Website Package

This is's Standard Ecommerce Website Package. If you sell standard products like clothing that requires size, color and material option prior to checkout, this package will be the perfect solution for your business.

We've included everything you will need to start an online business with this ecommerce website package. It includes a high-end website design, web logo, merchant account online payment gateway, online shopping cart, search engine optimization, search engine marketing with an optional web hosting account and security.

All you have to supply is the about us section, some FAQ and your great products. You'll be set to go!

Below is a list of the features included with this Standard Ecommerce Website Package. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

About Website Center, Inc., a Nevada Corporation doing business as, a full-service website design company.

Standard, Advanced & Ultimate Ecommerce Website Package Features:

Below are all standard features of our Ecommerce Website Design Package.


Each website is custom designed to your company branding and product recognition. Impress your customer base with a professionally designed website that caters to their needs.


All ecommerce website are responsive to smartphone, tablets and desktops - regardless of brand, make, model and even browser version. One ecommerce website - for all devices.


Your target audience, business logo, color scheme, industry jargon, related photos and media are all taken into consideration when building and design your business website for success.


We will install one product or 50-products at no extra cost. We will show you how to install the rest. Install hundreds or thousands of products at your leisure, on your schedule.


We would modify your current high resolution logo to fit the new website or redesign it to fit perfectly within your web pages - making the new logo your new business identity online.

Advanced Ecommerce Website Package Features:

Below are the key features of our Advanced Ecommerce Website Package which also includes all of the Standard Ecommerce Website Package Features above.


The Standard Ecommerce Website Package deals with standard products e.g. clothing and shoes. With the Advanced Ecommerce Website Package, your products can be customized to client's specifications. This ecommerce package is ideal with products that require custom ordering. Think of an online computer store.


Sell downloadable digital products online using our Advanced Ecommerce Website Package. Sell software, graphics, plugins, anything digital using our Advanced Ecommerce Website Package. We can customize your online ordering process to fit your business needs. Your customers can select, buy and download their product.


Offer your customers additional content via membership login. Offer wholesale pricing or exclusive content to your customer base. A membership program will keep your customers engaged with your online business on a regular basis. Offer the membership for free and get a ton of user registrations for your email marketing program.

Ultimate Ecommerce Website Package Features:

Below are the key features of the Ultimate Ecommerce Website Package which also includes all of the Standard and Advanced Ecommerce Website Package Features listed above.


Add hundreds or even thousands of products to your website via product bulk upload plugin. Save time and money by uploading product in bulk instead of adding them one-by-one.


Reward customers who refer you business by having them join your online Affiliate Program. Now when they refer you business, the affiliate program can track and record all transactions.


You can import or export blog posts, WooCommerce products, orders, users, or anything else with this plugin. Then you can edit in Excel and re-import back to your website.