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I have been working with computers since 1981, years before Microsoft came out with Windows 3.1, which was in 1986. I started out working on word processing programs like Wang OIS and NBI 2000. Back then, they were considered as the high-end programs in word processing circuit which is in big demand within corporate environments e.g, Legal and Engineering. Wang OIS and NBI 2000 was primarily used in government, engineering and legal practices. Learning to use the computer came pretty easy for me. It was logical. My knack for computers left me in charge of entire computer networks that spans worldwide. From my computer, I would access company network files on servers and computers located in our other offices worldwide (Japan, Australia, UK and throughout the continental USA) and copy it onto my local computer for our office use. This is back in 1983 when backup discs were 2-3 foot wide disc and stacked 5-6 time high on a rack. Also back then, I was already doing some simple programming by way of macros, which are small snippets of computer instructions that would execute common tasks - like letters, memos, specifications, pleadings, etc. It was so much fun! I had a blast.

Eric Tan, CEO, Webmaster for, a Las Vegas, Nevada website design company.


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Why I do website design?

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Pure Love

Helping Small and Medium Sized Businesses get their business online, in the right way, is my passion. Making sure they get the best chance for success is what makes me get up in the morning.

My Destiny

I was destined to do website design for businesses. Ever since I was a kid, all I did on my spare time is write-up business plans. All of my work experience led to the website design business. It's destiny.

Purely Spiritual

When I'm building, designing and in creation mode, I get in the zone which is purely spiritual. What I'm creating and doing is right for the everyone's benefit, even the environment. I believe this in my heart.

My Favorite Places

I'd like to share some of my favorite places. Visit them yourself and see what I mean.

Rome, Italy and the Vatican City was one of my top-destinations in my bucket list. I wasn't dissapointed. These cities are beautiful and a must see, especially if you're Roman Catholics.

Approach Quebec, Canada via the St. Lawrence River and it's a beautiful sight to see. Quebec is like the old French quarters where the city streets are paved with bricks. It's beautiful!